Sanso “O2” Fabrics

Sanso is the Korean word for oxygen.

We made our Sanso “O2” Leggings to encompass the value that oxygen gives to us: it’s an invisible, yet essential life-giving component of our minds, bodies, and daily lives.

As such, this is how you’ll experience Temple’s signature
Sanso line:

Breathable fabric to act as your second skin, barely noticeable while you rest or go about your activities. Flexible stretch and pull that supports you in your various activities. We know that our leggings will become an essential part of your daily life.

Sourcing fabric that moves and bends like the modern woman.

We work with and listen to the diverse voices of today’s girl-bosses. With our products, we create for them havens of rest and recharge that mould to their individual lifestyles.