Sanso Collection by Temple Restleisure

Sanso is the Korean word for oxygen.

We made our Sanso products to epitomize the value oxygen give us. Oxygen is an invisible yet indispensable life-sustaining component of our minds, bodies, and daily lives. Likewise, this is how you’ll experience Temple’s signature Sanso collection. Breathable fabric to act as your second skin, barely noticeable while you rest or go about your activities. Flexible stretch and pull that supports you in your various activities. We are confident our leggings will become an essential component of your lifestyle.

 Products that offer rest
regardless of activity

At Temple Restleisure, we want to make life a little easier for the modern woman on the go daily.

That’s why we’ve been conducting meticulous research aimed at meeting the ongoing demands of working women. Based on our findings, we’ve been launching apparel such as bralettes and leggings that don’t unnecessarily compress the body and can be worn for long periods, as well as a variety of other products to help you ease tension that you weren’t even aware you had been carrying around.”