Our Story

Brand Story

Since 2022

What we’re aiming for is a “women’s restful life.”

Temple Restleisure started its business to provide women not used to wearing leggings in their daily lives comfortable enough to wear while sleeping.

Temple Restleisure has continued to think about the value of true comfort, including leggings that do not compress women’s bodies, bra tops that are comfortable to breathe, and foam rollers that help with circulation.

We thought while making a lot of comfortable clothes that stick to our skin.
Can’t we expand the scope of comfort?
From sportswear to daily wear, beyond clothes to products, body to mind, individuals to us…

Temple Restleisure started by aiming for physical health and now moving toward spiritual values.
We will constantly research and grow to give more women complete rest and comfort.

Brand Value

What Temple wants to offer is not just a “comfortable fit.”
We hope you will be genuinely comfortable meeting Temple Restleisure.

Body-friendly design

Temple considers products that women of various body types can wear comfortably as a first step in product planning. Temple’s bra top and leggings are comfortable because they don’t over-tighten their bodies. You can enjoy free movement when you exercise, in your daily life, with Temple Restleisure.

Temple Restleisure’s special material

After repeatedly searching for fabric to make leggings that do not pressure our bodies, we found a comfortable yet stable fabric with excellent elasticity.

Value Activities

We hope the word that best matches Temple Restleisure will be ‘rest.’
Temple Resteleisure will continue to present social contribution activities for comfort, such as donating profits and volunteer work.